Pay Per Call | Customers Want to Talk to You


With the internet and all the new technology that has emerged from it, there are more ways to communicate than ever before. Businesses have built on this. Ordering online has never been easier, and most websites provide live chat support, as well as investing in software to really personalize the shopping experience.

As companies prioritize their digital impression, they continue to forget something very basic. Verbal communication is more effective, faster and easier.

Human beings can speak at a rate of up to 175 words per minute, and listen at a rate of around 450 words per minute. Studies have shown that for small purchases, consumers are happy to keep the whole process digital, but when it’s a large purchase, their communication preferences change.

When making a large purchase, 61% of mobile users will place a call to the company. In fact, the behavioral trends of consumers support these results, and calls to businesses are expected to exceed 169 billion per year by 2020. These calls are 10-15 times more likely to result in a successful sale, or follow up.

Why Use Pay Per Call?

Businesses need to make voice communication a priority. Some companies are ignoring a potential revenue stream, by making their phone number hard to find, not having any telephone support, or not properly training the telephone support they do have. In fact 74% of consumers have stated that they would prefer a mobile pay per call business experience, but no calling option would drive them elsewhere, to competitors.


Even digital marketing is beginning to recognize the importance and has embraced the convenience of pay per call, which means that consumers can simply press a button, and be connected to the company they’re interested in.

Digital marketing can be very effective, but it still needs to include telephone support, with an actual person to capitalize on every possible stream of revenue. To learn more about how CallerReady can help your business, contact us today.