Lead Management Using Pay Per Call CRMs


In a successful sales process, how leads are generated, managed, and nurtured is extremely important. Lead management is one of the most important features of marketing. In general, lead management is a complete process of tracking and managing sales leads or prospective customers from the generation of leads to their conversion into sales and long-term relationships. The data generated in this process forms the measurement of the efficiency of marketing and sales efforts.

If you are new to marketing and sales, then you might not be familiar with the concept. So here, we explain how lead management works and how it contributes to your businesses.




Lead Generation is the initiation of new consumer interest and inquiry in a product or service of a business. Every business requires leads to thrive. There are numerous ways of gathering new leads such as pay per click, pay per call, TV ads, billboards, newspaper ads, and more. Lead generation through calls has a few advantages compared to other forms of advertising.

⦁ Using TV ads, newspaper ads and billboards is a great way to attract many eyeballs to your product. However, depending on your business, this might not be the ideal advertising strategy. When running an ad on TV, you are reaching out to all kinds of viewers who may not need your product. For example, if you are selling makeup products, your ads are probably seen by a significant number of males, who simply space out during your commercial. This means that you may be spending significant money on unproductive exposure.

⦁ Pay Per Click is a great way to catch your audience at their moment of need. People searching on search engines have high intent to buy. This means that you will bring only highly interested traffic to your website. The best part is that you only pay for the ad if people click on it.

⦁ Pay Per Call has the added benefit of even higher customer intent to engage. People who are looking to call a business usually need immediate help. For this reason, businesses such as home improvement, road assistance, and health services that use pay per call, see greater click through rates and conversions than businesses that use pay per click.

Once call leads are generated, the next step is lead response management. This is just as important as lead generation. For this reason, we have witnessed the rise of customer relations management systems or CRMs.

Pay Per Call CRM


CRMs have been designed to help sales and marketing representatives with lead management.

CRM, known as customer relationship management, is a great lead generation software solution to take your business to the next level. CRM is a popular term used in the field of customer service. It helps an organization with the management of customers through a well-defined and reliable system of processes and procedures.

CRMs usually holds a wide range of features facilitating interactions with its customers.

⦁ Integration – choose a CRM that can receive and pass information seamlessly from and to external sources

⦁ Data collection – gathering information such as location and caller ID can be crucial for a successful sales process

⦁ Integrated analytics – what is the point of collecting data if you do not understand it. Choose a CRM that provides business users with decision-making analytics

⦁ Follow-up tracking – a good CRM should provide the tools to follow-up with potential customers, such as follow-through reminders and scheduling call widgets

A CRM software software should meet every need of the business process, enabling the software to run a business in a proper and organized way.

Benefits of CRM

There are many benefits to having pay per call lead management software. We all know that maintaining a database of clients or customers is difficult, but using lead management software can ease the pain. Here are a few benefits –

⦁ Better customer satisfaction – having an organized system can help sales agents understand needs of the customer better, which helps in improving customer relations

⦁ Increase in sales – when sales agents have the tools to help the caller, they can offer the most appropriate products as well as maximize up selling and cross selling

⦁ Cost reduction – using data from the CRM can help marketers understand which campaigns are performing, and which are not. This can lead to a significant reduction in unnecessary marketing spend

⦁ Internal communication – the ability to share data across different departments can lead to better service to customers, as well as improve team relationships.

A lead generation software plays a vital role in the growth of a business. If you have more questions about pay per call CRMs, call CallerReady at 877-800-4844