CallerReady Hold Feature


The CallerReady hold feature provides the ability to place a lead on hold. During this hold time, the lead will hear music. Leads can be placed on hold and brought back into a call or while adding a 3rd party for a warm call transfer.

Before you Begin

  • All locations must be three-party conference enabled. This includes the location the lead enters the CallerReady system as well as the 3rd party’s location. To set three-party conference enable, go to the location and click:

Location Options -> Talk Now Options ->Advanced Tab


Using the Hold Button

The hold button is designated in the CRM. The first press of the hold button puts the lead into a hold status. The 2nd press of the hold button adds the lead back to the phone call.

To designate the hold button:

  1. Button Type: In-Progress Disposition
  2. Button Appearance: Select a color for the HOLD button
  3. Button Text – ‘HOLD Toggle’
  4. All other settings can remain their default value

CRM Configuration Screen Global Options -> CRM Manager