Is Pay Per Call Worth It? Myths Debunked Part 2

Is pay per call worth it

Last week we started breaking down some myths discussing is pay per call worth it? Today, we will continue with two more common misconceptions surrounding pay per call.

No One Wants to Call a Business!

This may be one of the more common myths surrounding pay per call but it couldn’t be further from the truth. While it may seem like customers are moving away from phone calls and instead using chat, email or instant messaging channels, the opposite is true. Mobile browsing has seen a massive surge in recent years and because of that, customers are finding it easier to call businesses. Plus, it is so much easier to call, get the answer that you need and complete a transaction all in the same conversation versus sending messages back and forth.

Research has shown that 51% of mobile searchers admitted to calling businesses from the mobile ads that they saw displayed online. Especially for industries that provide services that are difficult to purchase online or in a single transaction (think medical services, home insurance or legal representation) phone calls are necessary to close transactions and start business relationships.

Lot’s of people want to call businesses, so make sure that your business is out there with pay per call, generating conversations.

If You Have Pay Per Click, You Don’t Need Pay Per Call

Just because you have pay per click campaigns doesn’t mean you cannot substantially benefit from pay per call. How so? Pay per click and pay per call target different areas of your sales funnel, so it makes sense to target both. Pay per click ads are great for grabbing the interest of people at the top of your funnel and building awareness about your brand. It is also helpful for retargeting leads that have previously visited your website but did not take any action.

Even if your business does not offer complex services and has straightforward transactions which can be performed online, pay per call can still be a benefit. It can expand your campaign and target leads that prefer phone calls to other channels. If your goal is to get quality leads, pay per call is worth it.

Rather than choose between pay per click and pay per call, join the growing number of businesses that are successfully implementing a mix to generate new leads and surpass their marketing goals.

With pay per call, your best agents can successfully convert your most qualified leads and start building a repeat customer relationship. To start saving money per conversion, and drive qualified leads to your business, contact a member of the CallerReady team today.


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