An Introduction to Call Intelligence


At the dawn of the Internet Age, marketing experts speculated about the death of call centers and the diminished importance of phone calls for businesses. In reality, the opposite has happened. Here, we are going to discuss what Call Intelligence is, why your business needs it, and how it can help you take your business to the next level.

The internet coupled with the rise of mobile devices has created a telephonic boom. Call tracking makes it easy to qualify phone leads and rout the calls to the right places and people. Using duration reporting, machine learning, call metadata, and transcriptions, call intelligence takes the guesswork out of the equasion.

Nowadays, marketers and lead generators are familiar with the power of phone calls. Call intelligence software enables them to determine the number of calls an ad channel has generated. It also paints a full picture of how a potential lead landed on the website, which campaign worked, which keywords were used, etc. This information is quite important and allows marketing specialists to tune their marketing strategies.

What Can Call Intelligence Do?

⦁ Capture insights about who is calling
⦁ Retrieving visitor’s data (demographic and behavioral information and quality indicators)
⦁ Analyze the call content
⦁ Objective of the phone call
⦁ Duration of the call
⦁ Minimize reasons for conversion failures
⦁ Create the best caller experience
⦁ How your customers are finding you
⦁ The volume of calls from each marketing strategy
⦁ What percentage of the calls from each strategy are leads
⦁ Why your leads aren’t closing
⦁ The true value of your marketing investments
⦁ Incorporate calls into the entire customer journey

You can see that call intelligence makes driving and tracking calls just as easy as driving and tracking digital leads.

How Does Call Intelligence Work?


Digital tracking and call intelligence are actually very similar. Instead of using tracking parameters in your URLs, it uses tracking phone numbers. You can capture your caller’s digital journey including their search keyword, ad, and landing page. And just like you use marketing automation to filter leads and control the lead flow, you use it to set custom routing and filtering rules.

In these days of rising costs and strict marketing accountability, don’t be caught ignoring one of your most valuable types of leads. Just remember phone calls mean quality leads and 100% contact rates. If you’re interested in converting more phone calls into sales and gaining never-before-seen insights into your call handling team’s performance, you’ve come to the right place.

It is time to bring phone calls into the digital conversation. CallerReady’s Call Intelligence Platform helps marketers tap into rich intelligence about callers and conversations and optimize the customer journey in real-time across virtually any channel or device. It allows marketers to drive more revenue, increase conversation, and also reduce cost per lead. With this platform, it is easy to recognize high-quality sales leads, shorten your response time, and focus on what is really converting. It helps you gain real insights that will help you grow your business. For more information about call intelligence visit or call us at 877-800-4844