Adwords Expanded Ads All You Need to Know

Earlier this month, Google announced the imminent introduction of ETAs (Expanded Text Ads) to its AdWords interface. The new ETAs will be double the character count of current text ads. The intention is to bolster your performance via mobile searches, through more mouth-watering headlines and longer descriptions.
This is accomplished using mobile-comes-first logic with the static desktop world following suit. Nice to know too that the new ETAs will work on all devices and will wrap the text automatically no matter what device the viewer is using. This ought to make this interface all the more attractive for get-ahead advertisers.

Analyzing Expanded Text Ads by Line

Headline 1

Increased to 30 characters, 5 more than the previous allowance.

Headline 2

New feature at 30 characters.


One consolidated 80-character line, as opposed to two 35-character lines previously.

Display URL

Two 15-character fields are now in place. Advertisers have the option to customize the final URL as they please using two 15-character description fields.

8 Vital Markers for Expanded Text Ads

  • Start compiling your new ETAs as soon as possible – standard ads will start phasing out early 2017.
  • Introduce completely new ads rather than simply tagging on a second headline; Take the opportunity to use the extra characters to say something compelling in freshening up your advertisement.
  • Remember that Headline 1 is more important than Headline 2, and there is no promise of how or even if the second headline shows.
  • Keep your important messaging for Headline 1; this commands the most attention.
  • Avoid dumping your old ads immediately; rather test and compare overall performance between the two sets for a decent time.
  • Since ETAs are open to different devices, create all your ads to speak to users on all device types.
  • Remember to include top keywords in the Display URL fields, as this will make your display URLs more relevant.
  • Update your ad extensions by creating unique and new content for promotion together with your new ads.

So there you have it, a quick reference guide to the exciting new Expanded Text Ads for Google’s AdWords interface. Now is a good time to raise your Quality Scores, the most important element of your AdWords account, and it is about to become even more important. When rewriting your text ads make sure you take full advantage of the new format. Google is providing double the space with Expanded Text Ads – time to get your creative juices flowing!
 425-words, including title; Expanded Text Ads keyword deployed logically